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uroc2010's Journal

UR Class of 2010
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Hello all (: I bit this off of the UR Class of '09 lj =/ We'll be better anyway right? This community is open to comments, questions, worries, excitement, event ads, etc. Have fun!

Care to post an introductory survey?

1. Hometown:
2. Middle Name:
3. Favorite book that you weren't forced to read in school:
4. Two magazines you (would) subscribe to:
5. Post a picture (optional):
6. What do you do outside of school?
7. What are you majoring in?
8. Percentage partier/nerd/laid back (eg. 80% partier/16% nerd/4% laid back):
9. Who do you want to do?
10. You're deserted on an island. Your ipod is taken away and replaced with a non mp3 compatible discman and massive amounts of batteries. Which three albums would you take with you?
11. Favorite comic strip:
12. Worst fear:
13. What are you allergic to?
14. If you were a movie star and had to gain 25 lbs for a role, what would you eat?
15. Set your playlist on random. Jot down the first five songs.
16. Favorite insult:
17. Other schools you applied to:
18. Why did you choose Rochester?
19. Biggest pet peeve:
20. Windows or Mac?
22. Favorite song:
23. Gloves or Mittens?
24. First three websites you visit when you go online:
25. Boxers or briefs?