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1. Hometown: Torrance, CA
2. Middle Name: Breanna
3. Favorite book that you weren't forced to read in school: Erasure by Percival Everett
4. Two magazines you (would) subscribe to: Wired, Kitchen Sink Mag
5. Post a picture (optional): meh.
6. What do you do outside of school? Dance
7. What are you majoring in? Undeclared !
8. Percentage partier/nerd/laid back (eg. 80% partier/16% nerd/4% laid back): 5% partier, 25% nerd, 70% laid back
9. Who do you want to do? Nick Lazzarini
10. You're deserted on an island. Your ipod is taken away and replaced with a non mp3 compatible discman and massive amounts of batteries. Which three albums would you take with you? Sufjan Stevens - Illinoise, A Perfect Circle - 13th Step, Tori Amos - Boys for Pele
11. Favorite comic strip: Dinosaur Comics
12. Worst fear: betrayal
13. What are you allergic to? orange blossoms
14. If you were a movie star and had to gain 25 lbs for a role, what would you eat? cheeze-it twisters, mcdonalds cookies, asiago cheese, oreos, hot fudge brownies, bread pudding, coconut cream pie, snickerdoodles, banana nut bread
15. Set your playlist on random. Jot down the first five songs: Nada Surf- "Blizzard of '77", Alanis Morissette- "Narcissus", Tori Amos- "Mrs. Jesus", Copeland- "Don't Slow Down", Rilo Kiley- "Frug"
16. Favorite insult: incompetent little bugger
17. Other schools you applied to: ucsd, ucsb, ucsc, bu, bates, williams, uni of mich
18. Why did you choose Rochester? they gave me money (: and there are significantly fewer required courses and there are only 4000 undergrads
19. Biggest pet peeve: when people begin to say something and then stop
20. Windows or Mac? Mac all the way!
22. Favorite song: Page France- "Bridge"
23. Gloves or Mittens? omg mittens are so cute, but then you can't really do anything with your hands =/
24. First three websites you visit when you go online:,,
25. Boxers or briefs? boxers please (:

hi everyone. i hope this community proves to be useful. i got my housing packet the other day and i'm uber excited! i wish we could apply for the lesser meal plans though. when i went to soc, the tour guide spoke of how you'll have so many meals leftover that you can't rollover. well, there are always declining dollars. actually, i forget which rolls over. is it declining dollars or flex..dollars?

also, if anyone would like to make an icon for the community, feel free and send it to me (:
Tags: declining dollars, flex dollars, housing
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