calle (likespinningoys) wrote in uroc2010,

1. Hometown: Derby, NY... suburb of Buffalo
2. Middle Name: Michael
3. Favorite book that you weren't forced to read in school: Wuthering Heights
4. Two magazines you (would) subscribe to: Mental Floss, New Yorker but i never read it
5. Post a picture (optional):

it's meeee
6. What do you do outside of school? Nothing worth mention
7. What are you majoring in? Music and physics
8. Percentage partier/nerd/laid back (eg. 80% partier/16% nerd/4% laid back): 2% partier/50% nerd/48% laaaaaaid back.
9. Who do you want to do? Um.
10. You're deserted on an island. Your ipod is taken away and replaced with a non mp3 compatible discman and massive amounts of batteries. Which three albums would you take with you? Three albums i don't give a shit about so i can cut the edges and use them as weapons against the person who took my iPod and get it back
11. Favorite comic strip: Pokey the Penguin. Or maybe PBF
12. Worst fear: Bugs/spiders
13. What are you allergic to? Dust
14. If you were a movie star and had to gain 25 lbs for a role, what would you eat? Nachos
15. Set your playlist on random. Jot down the first five songs.
"Smile Jamaica" - Bob Marley
"Alone Together" - The Strokes
"Motion Suggests" - Pavement
"The District Sleeps Alone Tonight" - The Postal Service
"Santeria" - Sublime

this is not really representative of my music taste.
16. Favorite insult: soft-hearted ninny?
17. Other schools you applied to: SUNY Buffalo, SUNY Geneseo
18. Why did you choose Rochester? Free ID Card Holders
19. Biggest pet peeve: Being ignored
20. Windows or Mac? MAC!
22. Favorite song: Uh... iTunes says my most played is "Another Sunny Day" by Belle and Sebastian
23. Gloves or Mittens? Oh geez. mittens just cuz they are cuter
24. First three websites you visit when you go online: Wikipedia is my home page, then facebook, then my e-mail
25. Boxers or briefs? Boxers
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