noelle (hwy59) wrote in uroc2010,

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has anyone else heard of the UR FOOT camping trip? aug 25-28 i believe. if so, is anyone planning on attending?
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sounds like something i would be interested in- do you have more info?
meep. there was only a one sentence mention in the orientation pamphlet, i believe. not many of heard about this. i should probably ask around on the forums (or see if anyone else has).
I love camping, but I'll be working at a resident camp until just a couple days before orientation, and I'll need those days to gather myself up before I head out to Rochester
whereabouts is this resident camp? that sounds awesome. i'm not a very outdoors-y person, but i'd like to give it a chance.
Frost Valley YMCA in the Catskills of NY, I've been going there since I was a kid, and loved every minute of it. The largest camp on the east coast, and I think #2 in the continental US. I get to work with wonderful 8-11 year old boys =) but the camp services 7-15 year olds. if you want more information