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1. Hometown: Torrance, CA
2. Middle Name: Breanna
3. Favorite book that you weren't forced to read in school: Erasure by Percival Everett
4. Two magazines you (would) subscribe to: Wired, Kitchen Sink Mag
5. Post a picture (optional): meh.
6. What do you do outside of school? Dance
7. What are you majoring in? Undeclared !
8. Percentage partier/nerd/laid back (eg. 80% partier/16% nerd/4% laid back): 5% partier, 25% nerd, 70% laid back
9. Who do you want to do? Nick Lazzarini
10. You're deserted on an island. Your ipod is taken away and replaced with a non mp3 compatible discman and massive amounts of batteries. Which three albums would you take with you? Sufjan Stevens - Illinoise, A Perfect Circle - 13th Step, Tori Amos - Boys for Pele
11. Favorite comic strip: Dinosaur Comics
12. Worst fear: betrayal
13. What are you allergic to? orange blossoms
14. If you were a movie star and had to gain 25 lbs for a role, what would you eat? cheeze-it twisters, mcdonalds cookies, asiago cheese, oreos, hot fudge brownies, bread pudding, coconut cream pie, snickerdoodles, banana nut bread
15. Set your playlist on random. Jot down the first five songs: Nada Surf- "Blizzard of '77", Alanis Morissette- "Narcissus", Tori Amos- "Mrs. Jesus", Copeland- "Don't Slow Down", Rilo Kiley- "Frug"
16. Favorite insult: incompetent little bugger
17. Other schools you applied to: ucsd, ucsb, ucsc, bu, bates, williams, uni of mich
18. Why did you choose Rochester? they gave me money (: and there are significantly fewer required courses and there are only 4000 undergrads
19. Biggest pet peeve: when people begin to say something and then stop
20. Windows or Mac? Mac all the way!
22. Favorite song: Page France- "Bridge"
23. Gloves or Mittens? omg mittens are so cute, but then you can't really do anything with your hands =/
24. First three websites you visit when you go online:,,
25. Boxers or briefs? boxers please (:

hi everyone. i hope this community proves to be useful. i got my housing packet the other day and i'm uber excited! i wish we could apply for the lesser meal plans though. when i went to soc, the tour guide spoke of how you'll have so many meals leftover that you can't rollover. well, there are always declining dollars. actually, i forget which rolls over. is it declining dollars or flex..dollars?

also, if anyone would like to make an icon for the community, feel free and send it to me (:
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Rock on! Nada Surf, Copeland, Rilo Kiley, Sufjan? That's amazing.

Declining dollars roll over at the end of the fall semester, and can only be used towards food. Flex can be used for other things, like at the bookstore, etc.
aah, thank you (: on both accounts.

p.s. did setting up a ur email account take as long as some people claimed -(three weeks of waiting and such)?

p.p.s. i love your icons.

No, my account took all of ten minutes to set up. I think for those people, it was because most of the student IDs weren't yet assigned, and the system wasn't ready to register people for netIDs.

Thank you!