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1. Hometown: Courtlandt Manor NY
2. Middle Name: Arthur
3. Favorite book that you weren't forced to read in school: Lord of the Rings
4. Two magazines you (would) subscribe to: EGN, Scientific American
5. Post a picture (optional): in good time
6. What do you do outside of school? Boyscouts, Frisbee, Skiing, Video Games, Chill with friends, play the Sax
7. What are you majoring in? Computer Science
8. Percentage partier/nerd/laid back (eg. 80% partier/16% nerd/4% laid back): not really sure 10/50/40 I suppose
9. Who do you want to do? Enjoy the next 4 years of my life
10. You're deserted on an island. Your ipod is taken away and replaced with a non mp3 compatible discman and massive amounts of batteries. Which three albums would you take with you? Sing the Sorrow (A.F.I.) Thanks For the Metal Sign (Monty's Fan Club) IV (Led Zeppelin)
11. Favorite comic strip: Classic batman comics
12. Worst fear: rejection
13. What are you allergic to? nothing really
14. If you were a movie star and had to gain 25 lbs for a role, what would you eat? MaRsHmElLoWs!!!
15. Set your playlist on random. Jot down the first five songs. New Year's Day (U2) The Great Dinosaurs With Fifties Section (Bear Vs. Shark) Time of Your Life (Green Day) Mother Goose (Jethro Tull) Fishbowl (A.F.I.)
16. Favorite insult: You cock juggling thunder cunt
17. Other schools you applied to: RIT, RPI, SUNY Binghamton, Clarkson, UoDelaware, UoVermont, Carnegie Melon, Johns Hopkins
18. Why did you choose Rochester? Best mix of a good campus/atmosphere and good program, also it had a music school, most of my other schools did not
19. Biggest pet peeve: Socks with sandals
20. Windows or Mac? regretably windows, too many video games don't run on OSX
22. Favorite song: This Celluloid Dream (A.F.I.)
23. Gloves or Mittens? Gloves when it's cold, Mittens when it's very cold
24. First three websites you visit when you go online: Myspace, Live Journal, Hotmail
25. Boxers or briefs? boxers
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